Mission and Objectives

Windsor School of Nursing Assistant has been personally engaged in stimulating young adults who are either out of work or just beginning to enter the job market. It is also designed to address the need of growing shortage of certified, trained, qualified nursing assistants. We believe that education is a lifelong continuing process which enhances the quality of life of the individual. Windsor School is committed in contributing to this process through its nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, and Continuing Education for LVN’s and RN courses.

aboutus1Windsor School has the following objectives.

1. To raise the standard of Educational Achievement that will improve the Healthcare System, and all this training can land each student JOBS in the hospitals, assisted living, nursing homes etc.

2. To prepare students to be effective in different range of actual setting and can gain knowledge and apply this knowledge into an ever changing issues of Health, economic and social well being.

3. To provide an educational environment this develops the students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits.

4. To prepare graduates for employment with the industry for which they are trained.