Home Health Aide

The Home Health Aide training program is for student who has an active certification or currently certified nursing assistant. It is designed to expand the role of a Nursing Assistant to provide quality care to client in a home-care setting, home health aide agencies and other private entities, under the supervision of a Case Manager or a Registered Nurse.

The training consists of 40 clock hours (5- day) course. Upon successfully completing this course and passed the competency exam given by the school. The student will receive certificate of completion. The school will process the home health aide application form to the California Department of Health. Once California Department of Health received and reviewed and all requirements for Home Health Aide (HHA) are met, certification for Home Health Aide will be issued. Stating Certified Home Health Aide that is renewed every 2 years with 48 hours of In-service offered by the employer or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) that can be taken in school, university, or college.

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