Admission Procedures and School Policies

procedure copy

1.  Each student admitted to an undergraduate degree program or Diploma program shall possess a High School Diploma or its equivalent, or otherwise, successfully take and pass the relevant examination or GED equivalent.

This verification of High School completion or equivalency or other documentation that will establish the students ability to do college level work, such as successful completion of Ability to-benefit Test will be copied and be a part of student’s record.

Windsor School of Nursing has not been entered into an articulation or transferred agreement with any other college or university.

The student has an option to get admitted in the school by following the link of United States Department of Education Approved Ability-To-Benefit Test below, if he/she have not met the requirement for enrolling in the program.

For example, if the student used the “ASSET program: Basic Skills Test (Reading, Writing, Numerical) – Forms B2, C2, D2, and E2”, we go by the passing scores of/for Reading – 35, Writing – 35, Numerical – 33.

2.  Eighteen (18) years of age and above.

3.  Physical capable without restriction to perform all skills in the course as evidenced by a signed, physical examination by a physician or by a Nurse Practitioner.

4.  Be in good health, and able to bend, twist, lift at least 50lbs. and be free from a communicable disease.

5.  Complete live scan and criminal background screening. A complete HS 283B application form.

6.  Must be able to communicate and understand instruction in English.

7.  Valid Identification with picture and social security number.

8.  The school enrollment and registration agreement must be completed.

9.  Minimum payment paid. See Schedule of Installment Plans on page 8 of Student Registration & Enrollment Agreement.

10. Pass the comprehension test of at least 75% grade.

11. Physical & TB Test screening or chest X-Ray.